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Just when you think it is calm on the regulatory front we find this.  While I am strongly in favor of regulations to protect our health and well being , I often wonder at what cost.

We don’t work on pre 1978 because of EPA regulations and fines. When you have a Industry leader classify this as a Boondoggle you start to get an idea of what a contractor is facing.  Especially the small ones.

For more information on RRP

If you read the details of the regulations on RRP at the EPA website you will see how confusing and difficult it is to comply.  All of this just to paint a house.  Oh well.

Please make sure you pass this on to your friends that own homes that are pre 1978.  They WILL thank you and hopefully you can help them save money by not running afoul of the EPA.


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We have already started bidding Exteriors for next spring. I’m looking forward to a very busy year. We already have projects booked for then. As always we will honor the price bid as long as we don’t incur price increases on paint


We are licensed bonded and insured, and have all needed Business Licenses for Sherwood and Metro PDX. The above map shows homes we have painted in Sherwood.

We would love to help you with all of your painting needs for 2013

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We know what we are doing; I have 35 + years experience applying a variety of finishes.

  1. I have the technical knowledge to specify the right products for each unique situation.
  2. My staff is trained correctly.
  3. We don’t allow any loud music or tobacco on the job.
  4. Our painters are always neat and polite.
  5. We are always on time or we let you know when we will be there.
  6. We have great communication with you and within our organization.
  7. We always return all calls in a very short time frame.
  8. Since I live here inSherwoodit is critical to me that every job we do is done correctly.
  9. If I use subcontractors they pass my rigorous review as to their quality and qualifications.
  10. All necessary licenses, bonds and insurance are current.
  11. We carry a $1,000,000 liability policy.
  12. We own all of the needed equipment to do any exterior or interior project.
  13. We use only the highest quality of paint; Sherwin Williams Superpaint is our preferred product for Exteriors, it has the highest content of solids on the market. Cashmereis preferred for interiors.
  14. We work with a variety of contractors, that we have vetted, so we should be able to put you in touch with everyone you need to complete your project.
  15. We don’t overbook jobs; we have never committed to a project then not been able to finish it except if weather does not allow.
  16. We are local so even the most minor touchup is not a problem.
  17. Being local you are not paying us for driving time.
  18. We have great local references for both interior and exterior work.
  19. We are members of Painting and Decorating Contractors of America and adhere to all standards and procedures they set forth.

To provide you with the highest quality workmanship to maintain the Exterior and Interior of your home while using only the best materials

We have a superior system in place to communicate with you (better than most other contractors), we provide a detailed bid that explains exactly what services will be performed, and we retain the crews to execute the contract as agreed upon.  While the money you pay us today is important your referrals are what allow us to grow our business.

Thank you for having us out to bid this project.  Having already started booking Exteriors for both spring and summer 2012 we welcome the opportunity to set up a specific time to render services or we will gladly put you on the schedule for the next available opening.  We also have a limited number of openings for Interiors.

We will provide you with references when the bid is sent out.  You can also check our integrity by calling the Tualatin Sherwin Williams at 503-691-0500 and asking to speak to the Manager, David  or the Assistant Manager, Andrew.  Our standing with the Oregon Contractors Construction Board can be verified at and typing in our CCB #168452.

We abide by all industry standards, policies and procedures  to offer the most professional solution to your painting needs.  We have all business licenses required by Metro Portland and the city of Sherwood


Please email
or call 503-625-2452, to experience


Over the years we have done thousands of rooms in hundreds of homes.  It is often a fairly traumatic process for the homeowner.  What with having to select the exact correct color to having the areas tied up for a couple of days to having the whole house tied up for a week.  Let alone have strangers inside your home daily for that long.


While it is still house painting it is as different as night and day between Exterior and Interior house painting.  When working at “PROFESSIONAL SPEED” we can paint most exteriors in a day or two (after they have been prepped).  Mind you the crew is extremely well trained and has been with me for five years now and they know exactly what to do.  When we work inside in that same day or two we can only do 2 or 3 areas depending on what we are doing. Why the big difference?


Inside we have to protect everything that is left in the area.  Often it is not possible to completely empty the house (although that is the fastest and least expensive way to go) so we have to move and protect any furniture and then work around it.  We also have to protect the flooring or carpet and any surfaces not to be painted.  If we are painting the trim we have to actually mask it twice, once to the floor and then again to the wall (think about how much base trim there is in your home then add chair rails and crown molding if they are present and you will understand just how long it takes us to do the indicated tasks).


Once everything is protected then we can actually get to work on the surfaces to be painted.  No matter how long since the last interior painting there are always repairs to the walls including settling cracks, nail pops, minor or major texture repair, nail holes, thumb tack holes and the list goes on.  Except where  you are going to rehang pictures we will fix and fill everything.  Let’s see, we are not quite ready to paint yet:  we still have to clean and sand then sweep down anything we don’t want on the walls.  I think we are finally ready to paint.


After all sample colors are approved we can get doing.  Todays’ paints are made so that most colors can be painted in one coat.  But if we are painting a bright color or very deep color we will have to prime.  So if the trim is included we do that first ( if the trim needs to be primed that will be done with an oil based primer so the house is going to smell for  a day or two), then we move onto the ceilings and finally we get to the walls, all after protecting surfaces we have already painted.  So let’s review, the painting is now done but we are still far from done.


We now need to unmask everything, vacuum and clean the flooring and furniture as needed, put everything back to where we found it and replace all switch covers.  There in a nut shell you have it.


Now let’s think a little about pricing.  Depending on a handful of factors that’s why I always have to see the area and the size in order to bid it.  Let’s assume nothing out of the ordinary and mild colors.  In a 12 x 12 bedroom the walls can be done for $150.00 -$200.00, if you want to add the ceilings that runs another $100.00 – $150.00 (same color or different), and then the trim  a normal bedroom has 1 window, 1 entry door and 1 closet (often 2 doors), and base trim,  that adds another $200.00 – $250.00.  That brings the room to $450.00 – $600.00 depending.  If we move on to the whole house there are of course economies of scale so you can extrapolate up from there depending on how much area you are having us do, also consider add-ons like the stair railing, fireplaces, bookcases, cabinets, etc.


The size of your project will dictate how many men we have on the job.  We always strive to be out of your house in one week.  With the experience my crew and I have we are exceptionally good at meeting our timelines, but this is construction and we never know what unforeseen situations or defects we will find once we get started.


As members of Painting and Decorating Contractors of America we always meet or exceed industry standards.


Thank you for taking the time to review this, and giving us the opportunity to bid your current interior painting needs.

Clean Gutter GuardOf course I’m talking about your gutters.  They just hang around the house and we rarely give them thought, until they need attention.  Usually when it is wet or worse yet, wet and freezing. http://www.

There are many different things you can do to prevent damage to your gutters and house.

  1. Regularly clean your gutters and downspouts to make sure they are running free from debris
  2. Depending on the trees around you should at least install a screen right at the downspout in the gutter.
  3. If you have large trees by your home there are a number of different screening options available.  We install plastic guards with a mesh cover.  For the money we believe this to be the best value. In fact we use these and have large trees in our backyard.
  4. If you notice that the nails that were used to install your gutters are popping out that means the gutter cannot bear the weight that it was designed for.  We can correct this by installing 6 inch lag bolts.

The down side of gutters is that if they are not given the attention they require it can cost a lot more than the maintenance does.

Some of the damage we have seen is gutters pulling away from the fascia, leaks running into the siding, ice dams which cause damage to the roof.  Those are minor compared to plugged downspouts, once the plug is below grade there is little we can do except call in a Rooter service.

So in conclusion if you see you water coming over the edge of your gutters you have a problem. It always costs less to maintain than it does to repair.

We are here to help with this and other home maintenance.


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